Guess who the government chose to operate new detention facilities that house immigrant families ….. none other than the CCA! smh
For those who don’t know, CCA is the Corrections Corporation of America, they are the largest private prison company in the U.S.Not only does CCA profit off of ensuring black & brown bodies fill their prisons and detention facilities to capacity, they’ve also been sued for negligence & abuse.
CCA is currently under investigation for allegations of fraud and corruption at the Idaho Correction Center. In 2009, CCA  was sued for mistreating women and children in one of their detention facilities in Texas. In 2011, the ACLU released records of 185 allegations of sexual abuse at CCA detention centers over 4 years, and 56 of those 185 allegations of sexual abuse came from CCA facilities in Texas.
Private prison profit is so lucrative that investors anticipated the surge in migrants would necessitate new detention services & CCA’s stocks went up by 8.5% in August (at the height of migrants arriving in the US), compared to a 1.5% rise in the S&P. smh
You have to be sick to invest in the criminalization & incarceration of migrant families. And it’s worth noting that many of our financial institutions, universities & favorite companies invest in CCA. We must divest from the private prison industry!
Read more —-> Who Profits From Plans to Lock Up More Immigrant Families? Private Prison Companies!:

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